After weeks of emails, Facebooking, blogging, press releases and good old-fashioned begging at work, the participants of Japan Aishteru successfully raised over $2500 for the victims of the Japan earthquakes and tsunami.

$2400 has been donated through Direct Relief International, and we are awaiting a few checks to clear, as of June 5th.

The 108 Sun Salutations were also a great success.  In the rosy light of the 6 am sunrise, we said a prayer before flowing through our surya namaskars, all to a playlist of Nitin Sawhney, Jai Uttal, Suphala, R. Carlos Nakai, and more.  Our Yoga Mama of the day, Nelressa Stallings, made sure everything went smoothly, from the organic juices to the burning Nag Champa.  Three of our participants had never done yoga before, but came to support the cause and their wives throughout the sunny desert morning.  Congratulations to everyone for completing all 108 rounds!

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Japan Aishteru was featured on both the Elephant Journal and on the front page of The Gulf News, the UAE’s biggest English newspaper.

To view a documentary about the project, produced by Nelressa Monique using only her phone camera, click below!

Many thanks to everyone who participated, from all over the world,  Amsterdam to LA, Honolulu to Sydney.  Your donations and intentions mean the world!

Aloha ~~