As an offering to the international community, Project Surya continues to offer yoga classes to organizations and communities in need.

Yoga for Troubled Youth

  • Working with TMM Family Services in Tucson, Arizona, Project Surya provided two classes of yoga per week for abused youth living in half-way homes.
  • Preschoolers at Brookview Creshe in Tallaght, Ireland participated in two yoga workshops as a part of their movement curriculum.
  • Yoga and English classes at Parmarth Niketan School for Boys in Rishikesh, India.

Yoga for Native Populations

  • Project Surya is currently designing a program free for Native Hawaiians integrating the ancient health and healing wisdom of Hawaiian and yogic techniques.
  • August, 2011 – Gratitude Offering: Yoga on the Omonho Reservation, Nebraska

Project Surya also worked with Lutheran Social Services of the Southwest to deliver nine classes of specialized yoga classes per week to three  government subsidized housing locations in Tucson.  Participants included residents working with various physical and mental considerations.