kar-ma [kahr-muh], Sanskrit

As in, Karma Yoga: the “Yoga of action.” A principal type of Yoga, which consists in the self-transcending performance of actions that are in consonance with one’s innermost being (Sanskrit: स्वभाव; IAST: svabhāva) and with one’s moral obligations (sva-dharma).

na-lu [nah-loo], Hawaiian

1. nvi. Wave, surf; full of waves; to form waves; wavy, as wood grain. Ke nalu nei ka moana, the ocean is full of waves. hoʻo nalu: To form waves. (PPN ngalu).

Like mama ocean herself, Karma Nalu will bring to the shores of the Hawaii community waves of inspired service.

2. vt. To ponder, meditate, reflect, mull over, speculate. Cf. Eset. 6.6. Nalu wale ihola nō ʻo Keawenui-a-ʻUmi i ka hope o kēia keiki (For. 4:261), Keawenui-a-ʻUmi pondered about the fate of this child. (PPN na(a)nunga).

The most powerful of actions originate from our innermost light. Meditation is both an ancient and scientifically sound technique to access that Truth within. Participating yogis and community members will be guided through regular meditation sessions with this intention in mind.

3. n. Amnion, amniotic fluid. (PPN, PCP lanu; note Hawaiian metathesis).

As Karma Nalu grows, it will serve as an incubator to nourish and manifest Hawaii yogis’ service ideas into reality.


The intentions for establishing Karma Nalu are really three-fold:

1. to create a community of service-hearted yogis

2. to provide a forum for brainstorming and networking (social, professional, and spiritual), and potentially for workshops

3. to nourish service ideas into manifested reality


Although still in its formative stages, the seed for Karma Nalu has been planted. Thank you for reading! Your very awareness of this vision contributes to its manifestation!