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Japan Aishteru, a Project Surya dedication of 108 Sun Salutations and fundraiser for the victims of the earthquake and tsunamis of 2011

Project Surya in The Gulf News

Print coverage of Kashi Ganga Cleanup, a karma yoga event organized by Project Surya with 500 participants.

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Carolyn Barnett after a yoga session.

Comments from Project Surya yoga students

“Joanne is one of the most inspiring Yoga instructors one could ever know. She makes her Yoga classes fun and relaxing. I attended Joanne’s classes in Tucson, AZ. Joanne taught me several different stances and how to mediate. I would recommend Joanne to anyone. Believe me, you will love her!” ~ Carolyn Barnett, participant through Lutheran Social Services of the Southwest

Pushpa performing her favorite posture.

“Project Surya classes are great!  I learned many asanas like gomukasana and many pranayam to help with my studies.  Miss Joanne is a fun and kind teacher and I hope she can come back to Banares soon.  Yoga life is a good life. Thank you, Project Surya!” ~ Pushpa Yadav, recipient of free private lessons from Project Surya in Banares, India