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surya namaskar

Origins of Surya Namaskar

Vedic origins There are numerous references of praising the Sun for the purpose of good health and prosperity, in Vedas. Some of these Vedic hymns were incorporated into Nitya Vidhi (Daily mandatory routine for a Hindu) for the well being... Continue Reading →


Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskara (IAST: Sūrya namaskāra) or Sun Salutation (lit. "salute to the sun"), is a common sequence of Hatha yoga asanas. Its origins lie in a worship of Surya, the Hindu solar deity. This sequence of movements and poses can... Continue Reading →

Mantras in Surya Namaskar

The 12 mantras for surya namaskara: ॐ मित्राय नमः aum mitrāya namah ॐ रवये नमः aum ravayé namah ॐ सूर्याय नमः aum sūryāya namah ॐ भानवे नमः aum bhānavé namah ॐ खगय नमः aum khagāya namah ॐ पुष्णे नमः aum... Continue Reading →

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